Would you like to explore and experience the surrondings of Karlskrona?

We have guided tours on ocean kayaking, bicyckling and rockclimbing. The tours are for one, two or three days. For the two amd three days trips, we will stay in tent and sleep in sleepingbags.

On all tours all equipment are provided, included food.

Please read more under English:
– Oceankayaking for 1 day.
– Oceankayaking for 2 days
– Rockclimbing for 1 day.
– Rockclimbing for 3 days.

For more information and bookings, please contact us on:
Email: boka@utvecklingoaventyr.se
Mob: 0706-299 777

All activities during the day, are at your own responsibility. You have to be in normal physique condition and be able to swim. You must been 15 years old, to be allowed to come with us for the tour.