Would you like to explore and experience the surrondings of Karlskrona, from the water?

Join us for a guided tour for 2 days in a ocean kayak, in the archipelago of Karlskrona.

You will meet new people and you will get a fantastic experience of the nature. You will spend one night in a tent.

The tour goes around the city of Karlskrona and the cloest islands nearby. The weather and the winds will decide were we paddle, so that you will get a great day during safe conditions.

In the evening of the first day we will enter a small island, and then put upp our small tents. We will prepare dinner togheter and then enjoy the sunset of the day.

We will paddle in calm and pleansant pase during the 2 days.

See movie from kayaking.

Skill of ocean kayaking.
You must be able to swim and you have been kayaking a few times before.

Whats included?
Ocean kayak, paddle, lifewest.
Shared space in a 3 person tent.
Sleeping bag and tent madrass.
Lunch and dinner day 1.
Breakfast and lunch day 2.

What to bring?
Suncap, sunglasses, suncream, and clothes for kayaking.
Bring swimmingclothes if you would to go for a swim during the lunchbreak.
One set of dry clothes have to be packed in a waterproof plastic bag.
Warm clothes for the evening and the clothes to sleep in.

Booking and questions.
Utveckling o Äventyr
Call or email on:
Mobile phone: 0706-299 777
Email: boka@utvecklingoaventyr.se

Which days are we kayaking?
We meet at 09.00 and we will be back at 16.00
Saturday and sunday /may, june, july,  august, september, october 2011

2995 SEK (ord. 3495 SEK)

If it will be heavy rain or strong wind, we will not be kayaking. All activities during the day, are at your own responsibility. You have to be in normal physique condition and be able to swim. You must been 15 years old, to be allowed to come with us for the tour.