Join o try out rock climbing in two days, at Mariannelund in Småland. You can meet new people and have a wonderful outdoor experience while maintaining security.

We meet in the afternoon, day 1, and then we go north towards Mariannelund car. Here we camp at a small lake, and live in tents overnight. Early next morning, day 2, we head towards the cliff.

Arriving at the cliff we go through routines and safety that apply to rock climbing, and then we take turns to rock climbing with top rope fuse.

You will both have to try to ”secure” one person climbing, repelling, top-rope climbing, and easier to use wedges.
At the moment ”use simple wedges”, it is still the top-rope climbing implemented.

We sleep in tents close to a lake, have a barbecue and talk about the day.
Day three we climb until after lunch, and then we go back to Karlskrona again.

A good opportunity for you to try out rock climbing, but not yet decided to go training in climbing.

See movie from climbing 1.
See movie from climbing 2.

Tour length.
We gather at 15:00 on day 1 and is back again at 18:00 today 3.
If you want to connect directly to Mariannelund, it goes a good day or early on day 2.

What is included?
All equipment for the implementation of rock climbing with top rope fuse. (Harnesses, ropes, helmet, fuses, etc)
Part of the three-man tent, sleeping bag o mats.
Dinner Day 1
Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Day 2.
Breakfast + lunch day 3.
Refreshments both days

What should you bring with you?
Small backpack with clothes and changing in order to climb outdoors.
Rugged clothes, long pants and sneakers.
Clothes to sleep in tents and be outdoors.
Bring your swimsuit if you want to take a swim after the final climbing.

Booking and inquiry.
Reservations are made for:
Mob: 0706-299 777
Maximum 4 participants.

When we climb?
Friday, Saturday and Sunday / may, june, july, august, september, october 2011

3995 SEK(ord. 4495 SEK)

At the thunderstorm or severe weather we do not climb. All participation is at your own risk. You should be in normal physical condition. The minimum age for participation is 15 years. Cancellation 0-7 days before lucky day, you pay 50% of the activity.